Benefits Of A System Integrator: SideShare

SaaS Implementation is incidental to success for vendors and users.

As vendors grow and expand they may bring in system integration partners to help with SaaS implementation. Providence Technolgy Solutions provides services as a system integrator. Read our SlideShare discussing some of the benefits a sytem integrator can provide. 

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Vendor & User Benefits to Outsourcing SaaS Implementation

Outsourcing the implementation of software is like separating the wheat from the chaff. You get the best without the rest. 

Vendors and their clients both benefit by outsourcing implementation. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers can concentrate resources on more lucrative functions, like product development and sales, by outsourcing implementation.

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How to Successfully Implement SaaS for Human Resource Management(HRM)

Botching the implementation of your cloud-based benefits software is tantamount to making a bad hire.

Just as you would not intentionally hire an employee that you do not need or whom you expect to fail, nor should you buy a software-as-a-service HR solution if you are going to use it improperly—if at all.

Though a bad hire can be costly in terms of lost productivity and recruitment expenses,

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Attracting IT Talent: Four Steps to Hiring the Right Employee

Attracting top IT talent takes time, tact and tenacity.

Technology positions are so abundant relative to available professionals that you must be proactive and persistent if you want to hire the best candidates, who can essentially pick any position that they choose.

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Retain IT Talent: Four Factors to Consider

When it comes to retaining tech employees, good help is hard to find but it can be harder to keep.

With employment rates for information technology professionals at 3 percent or lower, people in IT staffing struggle because just about any tech employee who wants a job has one—and they can easily find another if they desire.

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