Affordable Care Act 2018 Reporting Deadlines

Feeling frantic about the Affordable Care Act reporting deadlines? Well, you can relax a little. The IRS has announced an extension to the 2018 due date for companies to provide 2017 health coverage forms to their employees.

You will now have until March 2, 2018 to provide 1095-C forms to your employees. The filing deadline for 1094 forms with the IRS will remain the same. Relevant dates for 1094 forms:

  • February 28, 2018 for paper submissions
  • April 2, 2018 for electronic submissions

Remember that employers that have more than 250 employees are required to file electronically.

If you have 50 or more employees, or are self-funded, your company is most likely subject to the ACA’s reporting requirements. Don’t let the looming deadlines overwhelm you! Providence Technology Solutions has the expertise you need to manage your ACA filings and to help you create a strategy to keep current on ACA. Our team of experts can assist you by preparing your 2017 1094 and 1095 form filings, as well as consult with you on best practices for proper ACA compliance. Deep experience on a broad spectrum of benefits technology platforms enables Providence to provide you with strategic benefit management tools and processes to automate the ACA tracking and reporting function.

Our experts understand ACA and work daily supporting busy HR and Benefits professionals in navigating these complexities. If you need help with ACA, call the Providence team at 904-719-8264 or email them at INFO@THEPTSTEAM.COM and let the experts handle this so you can focus on your business.
Authors: Jennifer Roznowski and Tricia Putera

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