Apr 25 How Can EDI Help My Benefits Administration?

Posted in Information Technology

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the transmittal of data from one system to another. EDI in the benefits world, generally, transmits data from your system of record (benefit administration system, payroll, etc) to another system, specifically, an... CONTINUE READING

Apr 18 Integrating Technology into Your Onboarding Practices

Posted in Information Technology

An efficient onboarding process can set the stage and tone with new employees for a positive organizational culture.  New employees are immediately engaged which increases the chances that the employee will remain with your organization.  If you... CONTINUE READING

Mar 02 Employee Friendly Ancillary Benefits: Offering What Employees Want

Posted in Information Technology

Benefits administration systems are implemented to reduce the number of paper forms needed, encourage employee self-service, and automate carrier connections. By implementing a streamlined benefits system, employers can efficiently and accurately relay enrollment information to their entire... CONTINUE READING

Feb 22 Attracting IT Talent: Four Steps to Hiring the Right Employee

Posted in Recruiting, Information Technology

Technology positions are so abundant relative to available professionals that you must be proactive and persistent if you want to hire the best candidates, who can essentially pick any position that they choose. ... CONTINUE READING

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