Employee Friendly Ancillary Benefits: Offering What Employees Want

Benefits administration systems are implemented to reduce the number of paper forms needed, encourage employee self-service, and automate carrier connections. By implementing a streamlined benefits system, employers can efficiently and accurately relay enrollment information to their entire benefits ecosystem: employees, administrators, carriers, and brokers. Given the current trends within the employee benefits arena, brokers and HR professionals are looking to offer additional ancillary benefits that employees truly value. By selecting and implementing the right benefits system, employers can offer these “not-so-traditional” ancillary products to their employees. These benefits include telemedicine, wearable fitness devices, identify theft protection, and employee assistance plans.

When employers implement systems that support these products, they can seamlessly integrate these offerings into their benefits packages. If you don’t have a formal benefit platform in place, employees can still enroll in these plans on the vendor websites. However, the primary advantage to integrating these products into your benefit platform is automation. Once the benefits are set up and activated, preformatted files with coverage information are sent to the vendors daily. Even though these products can be managed outside of a ben admin system, the integration makes an otherwise time-consuming process a breeze, saving HR departments time and money.

Here are some additional insights on these benefits and the value they bring to employees:

Teladoc: Teladoc’s telephone and video conferencing technology helps physicians provide remote medical care via mobile devices, the internet, video, and phone. This service allows employees to virtually visit their doctor and obtain a digital prescription within minutes. Teladoc has been proven to be incredibly valuable, especially during flu season because employees are able to quickly obtain antibiotics, rid their illness and return to work faster.

Wellness credits for wearable technology: Various benefit platforms allow employees to receive credits towards the purchase of a wearable device. For instance, if you are the VP of Benefits and would like to offer a $75 credit towards a wearable such as Fitbits & Apple Watches, there are ways to integrate this into your open enrollment. Wearable devices encourage an interactive approach to keep employees engaged throughout wellness initiatives.

Life Lock Identity Theft: Through credit alerts, dark web monitoring, and breach notifications, Life Lock Identity Theft protection helps employees keep their identity and private information protected. With plans ranging from Standard to Advantage, the right employee benefits technology can help employers offer different plans for different needs.

Health Advocate: Health Advocate is a comprehensive wellness program that offers a variety of programs including: on-site biometric screenings, health cost estimators, claims and billing services, EAP+ Work/Life balance experts, 24/7 NurseLine, Healthy Baby and Tobacco Cessation. Health Advocate advisors will also help employees navigate healthcare pricing in an effort to make it more transparent. Lastly, they will assist you in your efforts to obtain a second opinion if you desire. By combining these services, Health Advocate helps employees navigate complex healthcare-related tasks more effectively.

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Author: Zach Hoalt

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