Retain IT Talent: Four Factors to Consider

When it comes to retaining tech employees, good help is hard to find but it can be harder to keep.

With employment rates for information technology professionals at 3 percent or lower, people in IT staffing struggle because just about any tech employee who wants a job has one—and they can easily find another if they desire.

Competition for IT employees requires you to proactively protect your talent from poaching, particularly by competitors.

1. Culture

Information technology professionals used to be spread across an organization. Now, they are consolidated in a department, which is indicative of their increased importance.

Technology used to support the business but now it is the business. With companies depending on technology to run the business day-to-day, technology professionals are involved in all key decisions. An appealing company culture is essential is retaining IT talent, given their work as a team as well as their exposure to other departments. Emphasize innovation, collaboration and recognition when creating a culture conducive for retaining top tech talent.

  • Assign projects that are new, fresh and exciting.
  • Encourage breaks from stressful work by providing amenities like ping-pong tables and video games in the office.
  • Foster team building through out-of-the-office activities like paintball or go-cart racing outings.
  • Prioritize daily goals in stand-up meetings at the start of the day and assess progress at the end.
  • Provide collaborative environments like huddle rooms with tables and big screen TVs, or lounges with overstuffed chairs and couches.
  • Recognize employees for exceptional effort and/or excellent performance, through both formal awards and informal gestures like commending their work in front of their colleagues.
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