Vendor and User Benefits to Outsourcing SaaS Implementation

Revenue for cloud software is expected to reach $112.8 billion in revenue by 2019. SaaS delivery is growing nearly five times faster than the software market as a whole. Outsourcing implementation can be beneficial for both SaaS vendors and users.

Benefits for vendors

  • Software-as-a-service consultants, which vendors commonly call “system integrators” or “implementation partners,” specialize in project management, implementation and training for SaaS applications.
  • A system integrator can provide service and support to the user before and during go-live. This allows a vendor to focus on servicing and supporting their software post-implementation.

Benefits for users

  • SaaS specialists take a consultative approach so as to fully understand a user's business process and organizational alignment. Then they make relevant recommendations to ensure optimal use of the enabling technology. 
  • Consultants can assist companies in identifying workflow gaps and resolving the gaps with the SaaS application. They fix the process and then tailor the technology solution to the new process.


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