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      Employee Navigator EDI Support

      Employee Navigator: Electronic data interchange (EDI) 

      Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the transmittal of data from one system to another. EDI in the benefits world, generally, transmits data from your system of record (Employee Navigator) to another system, specifically, an insurance carrier or provider. This will improve the overall efficiency of the benefits administration staff in several ways including reducing time spent on data entry, eliminating discrepancies, and improving the accuracy of premium payments.

      EDI can greatly reduce the amount of time spent inputting data into systems. Before EDI integration, employers are often required to enter the same data into several different systems. With the correct integration, data will flow from one system to the next seamlessly.

      Below are a few Employee Navigator Solutions that our Employee Navigator Contractors can help you with:

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      Employee Navigator EDI Support

      Employee Navigator EDI Solutions And Next Steps

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