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Importance of Integrating HR Data Using Data Migration Best Practices and How We Can Help

HR data management is growing increasingly more complex, in part because of today’s federated SaaS solutions, and in part because of employees’ direct access/self service to applications. And, when it comes time to migrate your company’s data, perhaps because you’ve chosen a new vendor or are anticipating an upcoming compliance review, it’s crucial the process goes smoothly. To make that happen, you need the right professionals working alongside you throughout the data migration process, and Providence Technology Solutions is the experienced choice.

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What Data Migration Needs Does Your Company Have?

Companies typically need to migrate data for one of five main reasons (although your company may have different and unique needs). It’s common to need data migration services if your company:

  1. is moving to a new vendor
  2. recognizes the need for better reporting and/or analytics
  3. can benefit from data optimization within or between HR modules/systems
  4. is anticipating an acquisition, merger or spin-off
  5. is preparing for an internal audit/external audit, or compliance review

Fortunately, our team at Providence Technology Solutions is highly experienced in all three key prongs of data migration: strategy, process and execution.

Benefits of Choosing Providence Technology Solutions

Migrating data in a streamlined, professional manner helps your company:

  • Improve data quality in HR applications, including payroll, benefits and more
  • Minimize challenges in data integrity
  • Reduce data volumes
  • Reduce times for data extraction and upload
  • Improve capabilities for data integration, HR reporting and analytics
  • Complete data integration in three key ways:
    • Faster
    • More accurately
    • At less cost

When you partner with us for your data migration and integration, you will benefit from our top-quality:

  • Data analytics technologies
  • Data migration processes
  • Team members who are domain-specific with HR


To address challenges, we recommend our HCM Data Migration Xpert Service. When you make that choice, you benefit from our experts working right alongside you to achieve successful data integration. You can count on partnering with domain-specific HCM consultants who bridge the gap between technology and HR professionals using sophisticated, proprietary data analysis technology.

We also recommend that you consider our data audit services to verify the quality and integrity of your data.

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