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Brokers, Employers and Consultants: Expand Business Capabilities by Partnering with a Market Leader in Employee Benefits Technology Consulting

Would you answer yes to any of these questions?

  1. Are you turning customers away or putting implementations on hold because you don’t have enough resources on staff to meet their benefit technology needs?
  2. Do you struggle with keeping valuable resources on staff during the slower season and then not having enough talent during peak season?
  3. Are you skipping the process of performing QA and thoroughly testing just to meet deadlines?

If so, Providence Technology Solutions can help.

We employ industry experts that understand the complexities of benefit plan design in the 21st century AND who are also highly skilled at integrating those complex plan designs into seamless and effective benefits administration systems. Our goal is to help you grow your business by allowing you to do what you are best at while allowing us to be the experts in technology to ultimately provide your customers with the best experience possible. Ready to get started with optimizing your employee benefits technology? You can contact us online or call 904-719-8264 or email to discuss your needs.

How We Work Right Alongside You


We offer brokers a wide range of benefit technology services through a flexible model that allows us to be an extension of your team, and the best part is that we are vendor agnostic. We don’t sell any of the benefit platforms we support so we are never biased and can approach any project with objectivity, with the goal of providing top-quality customer service. Employers look to you to provide human resource management and technology resources for payroll, benefits administration, private exchanges, and talent management. We can help.

“I had the pleasure of working with the Providence team for the last four months. I am sure others in my organization feel the same as I do. Providence team members were an invaluable resource during the fourth quarter, especially after our internal resource left the company. Your team was so responsive and patient with my needs and the needs of my clients. I learned so much from them. I truly appreciated their level of professionalism and knowledge. I could give endless examples. I wanted to let you know they were invaluable to me. Thank you, Providence!” – Account Coordinator, Top 50 National Benefits Broker


We offer the same human resource management and employee benefits technology services directly to employers that we offer to brokers. When we oversee implementation, we do so from start to finish. You will benefit from our expertise as we offer best practices to optimize the configuration of the technology to best suit your needs.

Our implementation services include:

  • Project management
  • Facilitation of client discovery to gather system requirements
  • System implementation including site configuration and data imports
  • QA testing including requirement verification, functional testing and user acceptance testing
  • Administrator training and end user adoption initiatives

Independent Consultants

Does your organization need assistance with your benefits administration technology provider? Or are you seeking a new one? In either case, we will work right alongside you to help, from providing consulting services to managing the Request for Proposal process for your human resource management technology. Because we are vendor agnostic, we will help your organization find exactly what you need within your budget and timeline. Questions? Contact us online or call 904-719-8264 or email

Let Us Find Your
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