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Partner with a market leader in HCM technology consulting and HR process implementation and consulting.

We’re proficient in core HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Workforce Management technology.

Our services are vendor-independent: Providence consultants have experience across multiple HCM solutions, including Ceridian (Dayforce), Ultimate (UltiPro), SAP Successfactors, bswift, PlanSource, ADP, Kronos, Benefitfocus, benefitsCONNECT, Employee Navigator, and more.

HCM Implementation Services

We offer a wide range of HCM implementation services. These are just some of our service offerings:

  • Project management, including program direction and PMO processes to optimize business objectives
  • System implementation consisting of expertise in configuration, imports of census/benefit election records, data discrepancy resolution, and interface setup
  • User Acceptance and System Integration Testing and System Functionality QA
  • Branding and customization of applications for a unique user experience
  • Training and user adoption initiatives Data mapping and conversion
  • EDI facilitation and triage

HCM Support Services

HCM support services offered by Providence:

  • System optimization and upgrades
  • Process improvement
  • Ongoing change management
  • Go-Live services/Post-Go Live support (e.g., platform management and support, ACA tracking and reporting, governance, issue resolution, and EDI file maintenance)
  • Report design and utilization assistance

Value Add Services

  • Develop and document process flows, workflows, and business rules
  • Design and develop custom inbound and outbound interfaces from clients to vendors
  • Data Management/Data Audit
  • System Validation and Auditing
  • Carrier Billing Reconciliation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Root Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Web-based or Instructor-led end-user education and training, including development of custom material
  • Additional Administrator Resources

EDI Services

  • Coordination with carriers to obtain file specifications and transmission requirements
  • File feed development per carrier specifications
  • Testing to ensure file validation and accuracy, including scenario testing as required by the vendor
  • Data validation and auditing to ensure records are in sync between carrier and HCM platform
  • Ongoing support for EDI discrepancies and file updates
  • Coordinate with carriers to obtain EDI file updates as a result of renewal changes
  • Prepare and send open enrollment files to the carriers

Open Enrollment Services

  • Overall project management of the renewal process, including timeline development, resource assignment and accountability, deployment, and wrap-up
  • Conduct client discovery to gather renewals requirements and recommend best practices
  • Configure site updates, including adding new plans, changing or terminating existing plans, and updating rates
  • Conduct Quality Assurance testing to ensure optimal and accurate site performance
  • Manage the open enrollment period by monitoring participation and activity, as well as troubleshoot enrollment issues as needed
  • Assist with data validation post open enrollment to ensure accuracy prior to sending files to carriers
  • Download our free open enrollment guide to learn more about how to have a positive open enrollment experience

HCM Implementation FAQs

What solutions can your HCM consultants implement?

We implement multiple human capital management solutions, including Ceridian (Dayforce), Ultimate (UltiPro), SAP Successfactors, bswift, PlanSource, ADP, Kronos, Benefitfocus, benefitsCONNECT and Employee Navigator. The seasoned professionals on our team are not limited by vendor-specific technology because we work with so many of the industry’s best vendors and solutions. (If you don’t see your HCM technology of choice in our list, that doesn’t mean we can’t implement it!)

As a software-independent firm, we will maximize your application investment with a firm focus on quality elevation and cost reduction. Throughout the implementation process, you will benefit from complete transparency, both technical and functional. To provide you with first-class service, we created proprietary tools to provide process visibility from start to finish. To get started, contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

I see that you provide vendor-neutral HCM implementation. How does that benefit my company?

Because our experienced human capital management team is vendor neutral, we implement a broad range of technology. Plus, our holistic outlook means we don’t owe loyalty to any one particular vendor; in other words, being software independent allows us to provide high-quality implementations based solely upon each client’s unique needs. Our team has decades of experience in implementing HCM solutions, along with activation processes, providing post-live support and more.

We focus on dovetailing implementations with company systems and structures, processes and procedures, needs and goals without any hidden agenda. HCM solutions where we have deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience include these (and more): Ceridian (Dayforce), Ultimate (UltiPro), SAP Successfactors, bswift, PlanSource, ADP, Kronos, Benefitfocus, benefitsCONNECT and Employee Navigator.

Contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

What specific HCM implementation services do you provide?

Our professional HCM consultants provide system implementation expertise in:

  • project management
  • program direction/PMO processes
  • configuration
  • imports of census/benefit election records
  • data discrepancy resolution, and interface setup
  • user acceptance
  • system integration testing
  • system functionality QA
  • application branding
  • application customization
  • training
  • user adoption initiatives
  • data mapping
  • data conversion

Additionally, we offer a wide range of HCM support services, value-added HCM services, open enrollment services, and EDI services. To discuss your specific needs, contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

How comprehensive are your HCM implementation services?

Our HCM implementation services are so comprehensive that they actually start well before a solution even begins being implemented! How? We offer in-depth HR advisory services and human capital consulting services that help to ensure you’re implementing the best solution for your needs.

We then offer full lifecycle implementation services, starting with project management and solution configuration; importing; data discrepancy resolution; interface setup; user acceptance; system integration testing; functionary quality assurance and more.

We brand and customize applications, provide training and user adoption services and more, along with support services that include system optimization/upgrading, process improvement, ongoing change management, go-live and post-go live services.

We offer value-added services, ranging from data management and auditing to carrier billing reconciliation, staff augmentation and more. We also offer lifecycle EDI and open enrollment services. To discuss your HCM implementation needs, contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

Can your HCM consultants provide customized solutions?

Definitely! One of the biggest benefits of choosing a software-neutral HCM consultant such as ours is that we focus on the unique pain points and challenges of each individual client. We then provide HCM solutions and implementations that position every client for the highest levels of success, through implementations that dovetail with the needs and goals, systems and structures, and processes and procedures of that unique company. Because no two companies are alike, we recognize that cookie-cutter implementations simply make no sense. To discuss how we can help you, contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

If we choose you as our human resource consulting provider, how will you help to ensure smooth HCM implementation?

From start to finish, we focus on providing the best solutions, systems and processes possible for your company’s needs, rather than implementing HCM technology that simply come out of the box. That means that if your company had a less-than-ideal experience with a product or company in the past, our implementation process begins with helping you identify where the last implementation went wrong, then tailoring our processes to create the best possible experience with optimal results for you.

Specifically, components of our implementation include:

  • legacy data dictionary
  • configuration
  • census/benefit election record imports
  • user acceptance testing
  • system integration
  • data discrepancy resolution
  • interface setup

We offer training, application branding and customization, EDI facilitation and triage and so much more. Because the greatest benefit for companies exists when we partner long-term with them, we provide flexible services that suit their precise needs. And, we’ve created post-go-live support services that allow us to guarantee the smoothest transition and overall experience.

You can contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264 to discuss how we can help your company.

What support services can your HCM consultant team provide?

We offer HCM support services, HCM value-added services, EDI services, and open enrollment services. Support services include system optimization and upgrades, process improvements, ongoing change management, go-live/post-go-live support, assistance in report design and utilization.

Value-added services include the development and documentation of process flows, workflows and business rules, as well as the design and development of interfaces (inbound and outbound, client and vendors), data management and auditing, system validating and auditing, staff augmentation, training and much more. The reality is that we offer high-quality, broad-level services across the lifecycle of your HCM solution. To find out all of the ways that we can support your company, contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264.

How can my company get started with our HCM implementation with Providence Technology Solutions?

You can contact us online, or email us at info@theptsteam.com or call 904.719.8264. We looking forward to serving you.

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