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HR Analytics: Apply Business Analytics Techniques to Human Resources Data to Glean Insights and Reach Company Goals

Providence Technology Solutions provides top-in-class data auditing and migration services to improve data quality and minimize integrity issues with the data. As this data is effectively integrated, it allows for the potential of high-quality HR analytics and reporting. In other words, while ensuring the quality and integrity of data is crucial, this is the foundation from which to create the best HR analytics possible for your company’s needs and to then generate laser-targeted intelligence reports to allow you to reach your business goals.

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HR Analytics Challenges

Top challenges include:

  • Determining what data is needed for a particular purpose
  • Choosing the best predictive model to glean desired insights
  • Structuring and streamlining your analytics to get the best ROI

As you work to refine your analytics, you may find that you have the right software for your needs or that you need to choose a different vendor. You may have exactly the right people on your team to mine, analyze, and report the data you collect, or you may need additional IT assistance.

In reality, it’s often the final output (in this case, HR reporting) that highlights how a particular process needs to be bolstered. The good news is that no matter where challenges exist in your process, we can help. Your optimal starting point may be anywhere along this spectrum:

Benefits of HR Analytics

Multiple benefits of HR analytics exist, from recruitment to retention. Analytics:

  • Allow companies to review large numbers of resumes to pull out those with potential
  • Help companies to create a positive company culture that aids in retention
  • Permits them to monitor the effects of training programs and so much more

Creation of HR Reporting

Highlights of insights gleaned through analytics can be shared through HR reporting, providing key members of your organization regular access to crucial workforce metrics. This allows your business to track trends, spot opportunities, and notice and address problems while they are still emerging. Managers can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, with reports providing visibility throughout the company.

Providence Technology Solutions can help you with all your HR reporting and analytics needs, so contact us today: online, by email ( or phone 904.719.8264. We look forward to helping you maximize your HR applications and processes today.

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