HR Advisory Services

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR function by aligning HR services and technologies with the unique needs of your business.

Providence helps business leaders with a holistic and thorough focus on each aspect of the HR function to enable fundamental change, including strategy articulation, process reengineering, redesign of operating models, selection and deployment of supporting technologies, system implementation upgrades, strategic workforce planning, workforce analytics, and more.

We help clients design innovative organizational models, processes, and technologies that drive lasting value across the organization.

We can help you create greater business value from HR through integrated advisory and transformation services that extend from strategy and selection through execution and optimization. Our holistic methodology incorporates all of the necessary people, process, technology, service delivery, and information components, including market-leading practices and solutions. Cutting through the complexity of our clients’ biggest challenges, we assist HR executives and their leadership teams with strategy, design, and execution across the full HR service delivery life cycle.

Providence’s practitioners have extensive experience and a deep understanding of HR technology, processes, and skills to help implement HR technology solutions, a critical component of effective HR service delivery and optimization projects that leverage the investment our clients have made to its fullest potential.

We can help you with:

  • Strategy and vision
  • Service delivery design and implementation
  • Technology design and implementation
  • Market scans and business case development
  • Diagnostic and Fit/Gap analysis
  • System evaluation and selection
  • Business case development
  • ROI analysis
  • Requirements and process definition
  • Project management
  • Data management, clean-up, and audit
  • Organizational change management
  • Contract negotiations
  • System optimization
  • Process improvement
  • HR System Risk Control Matrix
  • Database Management and Change Control

Diagnostic Review (The “DR”)

Organizations don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Discover and examine all the elements of your organization’s governance, organization structure, processes and infrastructure in order to get a baseline on “what is.” A Providence Diagnostic Review answers questions such as:

  • Are your systems aligned with your mission and vision?
  • What is working and where are the challenges?
  • How are your processes supporting or hindering the effectiveness of your employees?

Our Diagnostic Review provides you with an opportunity to acquire an objective overview of your company’s HR systems, processes and establishes a set of recommendations. In turn, this will help your organization to strategically reposition itself and make the necessary changes to take advantage of new technologies, so that you can develop a plan for the future. This plan will inevitably lead to both short term and long term success.

Providence’s Vendor Selection Services

The Human Capital Management (HCM) marketplace offers more interesting and robust options than ever. Providence Vendor Selection Services are designed to help companies select the right HR technology in alignment with the company’s business objectives focused on precision, accuracy and expert guidance. If you are initiating a new technology selection project or an RFI/RFP in areas such as:

  • Core HR or HCM
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Time and Attendance
  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Any other HR software or workplace technology

We can help make sure your needs are met, pain points are addressed and you get the most value from your investment.

The goal of our vendor selection process is to clearly document your needs, define your requirements and identify systems that can handle those requirements, and then prepare and guide your team to thoughtfully and knowledgeably choose the best solution.

It starts with a foundational assessment designed to pull current and desired requirements out of the heads of your project stakeholders and subject matter experts. We then compile the results, identify discrepancies or opportunities and facilitate team decision-making.

Once requirements are finalized, the Providence team prepares a requirement document focused on your needs, desired state, unique requirements and overall cultural fit between your organization and the vendor, and costs.

Vendor responses are compiled and scored before the team decides which vendors to invite for consideration and demonstration. Our provided demo guide and the deep dive “show us how to and so what” questions we ask during the demonstrations ensure you’re seeing/understanding the actual system capabilities—how they match up to your needs, desired state and “special” requirements. Following each demonstration, Providence facilitates a debrief and scoring session with your team. When all of the demonstrations, and follow-up questions, are complete, we compile your executive summary inclusive of cost justification to help you gain final approval. Process and Results: Providence Vendor Selection Services helps you make the best choices.

Providence Vendor Selection Advantages and Benefits:

  • Create a Compelling Business Case
  • Get a Head Start on Your Requirements Definition
  • Compare Vendors and Products That Best Meet Your Needs
  • Actionable and Best Practice Recommendations
  • Maximize Your Technology Investment
  • Providence Optimization Review Services

If you suspect your system is underutilized, your processes are bottlenecked, or your organization has changed since the initial implementation, our Optimization Review provides a great starting point to assess how well and how fully your processes and system solution is configured to meet your needs. We start with known questions or issues. If you are starting to wonder whether you need a new system, a process fix or new way to resolve a pain-point, this is definitely the place to start. We do this by:

  • Assessing enterprise needs and priorities
  • Identifying gaps in process and technology
  • Developing the strategic plan to close them
  • Unlocking the functionality to help your organization maximize product value

The fact may be that you already own the product that your company needs. With a strategic partner in Providence we will help you to understand it and capitalize on it.

Deliverables from a System Optimization Review

  • Initial questionnaire to identify what is working, gather concerns (i.e.,“pain points”) to explore and document the desired state
  • Facilitated session to dig a little deeper into concerns or questions and educate the team on system features included or available within your HR technology solution.
  • Findings analysis and report
  • Recommendations and roadmap to implement desired changes
  • Implementation services or training to enable better self-sufficiency
  • Strategy to stay abreast of ongoing system enhancements or changing Assess enterprise needs and priorities
  • Identify gaps in process and technology
  • Develop the strategic plan to close them
  • Unlock the functionality to help your organization maximize product value

HR System Risk Control Matrix and System Security Analysis

An analysis of your company’s internal HR systems, as well as third party vendors/ partners that interface with your company’s HR systems. The result will be a HR System Risk and Security Matrix with, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Name of system
  • A summary of how the system and HR data is used
  • Vendor/supplier of the system
  • Primary company owner of the system or vendor/partner relationship
  • Who has access to the system and HR data
  • A listing of what the users can see and do within that system

Compliance and Audit Support

  • Identification and documentation of internal and external security controls, risk mitigation processes and segregation of duties related to the HR technology platforms and data transference components used by or on behalf of the company.
  • Business process flows and supporting documentation that reflect how and where in the process all current systems that utilize HR data are connected.
  • Support HR in the audit, documentation and updating of security and user roles within the HR platforms.
  • Documentation of security protocols used and leveraged by each vendor that interfaces with your HR platforms.
  • Confirmation and documentation of Continuity of Business plans (i.e., disaster recovery) from each vendor/partner that interfaces with the company’s HR systems.

Database Management and Change Control

  • Define a Change Control and Management Plan based on input from your HR and IT teams.
  • Assist with discussions between your HR and IT teams to make sure HR processes and access are in compliance with your IT and regulatory policies.

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