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      Data Audit Solutions

      Data Solutions: Data Audit

      Effective HR Data Management Is A Highly Complex Undertaking, Yet Crucial For Data Integrity

      The quality of decision making can only be as good as the quality and integrity of the data used to make those decisions. In today’s constantly changing world of federated SaaS solutions, with direct employee access to applications, maintaining data integrity can be extremely challenging. That’s why it’s vital to have the right professionals on your side for HR data management, and the experts at Providence Technology Solutions work right alongside you during the data auditing process.

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      Which Data Challenge is Your Company Facing?

      No two companies face the same challenges, but here are common issues that our clients often need to tackle:

      • They are preparing for an audit, internal and/or external, or for a compliance review.
      • They maintain multiple HR systems and/or databases, and recognize the need to identify gaps and inaccuracies.
      • They use different HR systems for different functions (such as direct bill, payroll, and benefits) and need to reconcile the systems.
      • As open enrollment approaches, they must validate employee data, plus benefit elections and deductions.
      • They recognize a need for better reporting and analytics.

      How Providence Technology Solutions Can Help

      Our highly-skilled, experienced team leverages a proprietary set of software tools with our data audit services focusing on these five broad goals:

      1. Data quality improvement
      2. Data integrity improvement
      3. Data volume reduction through detection of redundant and obsolete data
      4. Data extraction and upload time reduction
      5. Data integration improvements, plus increased reporting and analytics capabilities

      Below are additional Data Solutions that our Data Consultants can help you with:

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      data Audit

      Data Audit Recommendations

      To address data management challenges, we recommend our HCM Data Audit Xpert Service. This service bridges gaps between technology, HR professionals, and auditors, supported by a sophisticated proprietary data analytics technology.

      We also recommend that you look at our data migration services, especially if you are moving to a new vendor, need better HR analytics and reporting, desire data optimization within or between HR systems, anticipate a merger, acquisition or spin-off, or you need to prepare for an audit, internal or external, or a compliance review.

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