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      Data Solutions

      Maintaining Valid And Consistent Data Is The Foundation Of Every Business Application

      Data integrity can be challenging in today’s world of federated SaaS solutions, direct employee access/self-service to applications, and constant change. Providence Technology Solutions provides services to help you address these challenges.

      Managing significant amounts of data can be a highly complex undertaking. Whenever you need to audit and/or migrate your data, it’s crucial to have the right professionals on your side. The experts at Providence Technology Solutions are highly skilled and experienced, leveraging a proprietary set of software tools. We work right alongside your own subject matter experts to audit, migrate, and integrate your data faster, more accurately, and at less cost.

      Which Data Challenge is Your Company Facing?  No two companies face the same challenges, but here are common issues that our clients often need to tackle:

      • They are preparing for an audit, internal and/or external, or for a compliance review.
      • They maintain multiple HR systems and/or databases, and recognize the need to identify gaps and inaccuracies.
      • They use different HR systems for different functions (such as direct bill, payroll, and benefits) and need to reconcile the systems.
      • As open enrollment approaches, they must validate employee data, benefit elections and deductions.
      • They recognize a need for better reporting and analytics.

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      For More Information On Data Solutions:

      If your company is facing one or more of these challenges, we recommend our HCM Data Migration Xpert Package that utilizes domain-specific HR consultants supported by a sophisticated, proprietary data analytics technology to bridge the gap between technology and HR professionals. We do far more than data migration. We work right beside your experts to achieve successful data integration.  Our HCM Data Migration Xpert Package includes our Data Migration Readiness Assessment, Data Migration, and Data Cleanliness Program.

      The benefits of using this service include data analytics technology, processes, and team members who are domain-specific to HR. This service will allow you to do the following:

      • Improve the quality of HR, payroll, and benefits data
      • Minimize data integrity issues
      • Reduce data volumes
      • Reduce data extraction and upload times
      • Improve data integration, reporting and analytics capabilities
      • Complete data migration and integration faster, and more accurately and at less cost

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