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      HR Compliance Audit

      Human Resources Compliance Audit Support: Identifies And Mitigates Risk, And Assists In Documentation, Security Protocol, Business Continuity And More

      Effectively managing human resources compliance issues is a core element of the profession, and it’s crucial for HR professionals to get the support they need. When companies partner with Providence Technology Solutions, they benefit from these services and more:

      • Identification and documentation of internal and external security controls, risk mitigation processes and segregation of duties related to the HR technology platforms and data transference components used by or on behalf of the company
      • Business process flows and supporting documentation that reflect how and where in the process all current systems that utilize HR data are connected
      • Support HR in the audit, documentation and updating of security and user roles within the HR platforms
      • Documentation of security protocols used and leveraged by each vendor that interfaces with your HR platforms
      • Confirmation and documentation of continuity of business plans (i.e., disaster recovery) from each vendor/partner that interfaces with the company’s HR systems

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      Human Resource Risk Management

      Our experienced consultants will analyze internal HR systems, as well as third-party vendors/partners that interface with your company’s HR systems. The result will be an HR System Risk and Security Matrix with, at a minimum, the following information:

      • Name of system
      • Summary of how the system and HR data is used
      • Vendor/supplier of the system
      • Primary company owner of the system or vendor/partner relationship
      • Who has access to the system and HR data
      • A listing of what the users can see and do within that system

      In addition, we can define a change control and management plan based on input from your HR and IT teams, and assist with internal discussion to help ensure HR processes and access are in compliance with your IT and regulatory policies.

      Below are additional HR Strategic Advisory that our Consultants can help you with:

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      HR Compliance Audit

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      Additional human resource consulting services include:

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