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      Vendor Selection Solutions

      HR Advisory Services: Vendor Selection

      We Partner With Your Team To Give You Confidence To Choose Your Organization’s Next HR Technology In Alignment With Organizational Objectives

      The human capital management (HCM) marketplace offers more interesting and robust HR technology options than ever before, and our vendor selection services will provide you with precise, accurate and expert guidance. Contact us online or call 904.719.8264 if you are initiating a new technology selection project or an RFI/RFP in the following areas:

      • ERP (enterprise resource planning)
      • Core HR, HRIS, or HCM
      • Benefits
      • Payroll
      • Time and attendance
      • Talent acquisition—Recruiting (Applicant Tracking or ATS) and Onboarding
      • Talent development or learning management system
      • Performance management
      • Compensation management
      • Any other HR software or workforce/workplace technology

      We partner to help you develop your HR roadmap to meet your needs, address pain points, and ensure you get the most value from your current and future investment.

      Vendor Selection Process and Goals

      Providence Technology Solutions can help in multiple ways:

      • Facilitate a strategic planning session to understand your organization’s mission, current obstacles, and desired future state. This will focus on all levels of the organization from the c-suite to the front-line employees.
      • Provide tools to document and define your requirements clearly so vendors can understand objectives and bring you the right solutions. Our process starts with a foundational assessment to identify current and designed requirements, and then we compile the results, identify discrepancies or opportunities, and facilitate team decision-making before providing recommendations.
      • Help you facilitate cross-functional meetings internally that ensure the voices of all major stakeholders (especially the end users) are represented.
      • Identify systems (including outsourcing vendors) that can handle those requirements. Vendor responses are scored so you can determine which ones to consider. We ensure you understand actual system capabilities and how they match your needs. We will also advise you on the vendor’s roadmaps for future development and their success rate at achieving past roadmap promises.
      • Prepare and guide your team to thoughtfully and knowledgeably choose the best solution. After each vendor demonstration, we will debrief your team and compile executive summaries so you make the best choice.
      • Advocate for you during the crucial phases of due diligence and contract negotiations. Having worked with all vendors before for employers in many different industries, we can shorten the time required to strike a fair and trustworthy agreement for your organization.

      More About Vendor Selection Services

      Because more interesting and robust human capital management (HCM) options exist today than ever before, our vendor selection services provide employers with expert and 100% vendor-neutral guidance. We help you develop precisely the right HR roadmap for your unique needs and ensure maximum value.

      In the cloud, on-prem, best of breed, stand-alone solution, or suite: we assess your industry, current and future needs to provide you with the options and transparency to select the right vendor(s)/solution(s) that meet your unique needs.

      Below are additional HR Strategic Advisory that our Consultants can help you with:

      For more information on how Providence can assist you with HR Strategic Advice, you can contact us online by completing the form below. Our team is ready to help your company streamline processes and services to enhance ROI and achieve business goals.

      Vendor Selection

      Providence Technology Solutions: The Smart Choice

      As your full-service partner for expectation-exceeding solutions and a leader in HCM technology consulting, we will work alongside your team from start to finish to go above and beyond your business requirements.

      We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we provide tailored solutions that offer the greatest value. We know that cost containment is a priority, so we focus on saving you time and money.

      Additional human resource consulting services include:

      Start benefiting from our high-quality human resource consulting services, including our vendor evaluation services. You can contact us online by completing the form below. Our experienced team is here for you!

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